11-12U Competitive Team Program



  • Players may play all or any season Fall-Winter-Spring!
  • Registration is “By the season” and not “Year-Round”
  • Teams play in the Twin Cities Soccer League competing against other clubs mostly from the western suburbs.
  • Players assigned to appropriate level team. Teams play in different divisions to suit team level.
  • 50% of TCSL games played in Eden Prairie.
  • Tournament play to add to player development, 2-3 events in Spring season, 1-2 in Fall.
  • Optional winter programs (Highest level teams are expected to participate in 1x per week minimum Winter if possible but all players are given opportunity)
    • High Emphasis on individual skills, improved small group tactics, team work, continued social skills in a team environment.
    • Medium Emphasis on commitment, performance in games versus concepts trained, individual skill and team.
    • Low Emphasis on scores.
  • Players will play multiple positions and teams have numerous Goalkeepers.
  • Professional Licensed Coaches.

Fall Season

  • Mid-July 11U– Attend “Try-Us-Out” player evaluation day for best placement on appropriate level team
      • 11U FALL TEAM FORMATION – OPEN SPOTS – Although Try-Us-Outs have now passed for the Fall 2022 season, we are currently working on fall team formations and it is still possible that there may be openings in many age-groups. If still interested to be placed on a team for fall please register at this link (free) https://system.gotsport.com/programs/45744V356?reg_role=player and we will place players from this waiting list as spots become available. We aim to place as many players from this list as we can and hope to give everyone an answer if they have been placed or not by Aug 1st.
  • Late July 12U– Attend EPSC Tryouts for player evaluations to place players at most appropriate level.
    • Please email any questions about tryouts to: tryout@epsoccerclub.com
  • Late August-Training 2x per week midweek.
  • 6 TCSL Games, 3 home, 3 away. Games typically on weekends with a few weekends free for Family Fall fun.
  • 1-2 Tournaments-Weekends
  • Season Ends approx Mid-October before MEA weekend.
  • Fall Fee $295
    • *Players who did not register through the tryout system, will be charged a $30 administration fee
11U Girls RedRuiri Barnwell
11U Girls GreyJared Graham
11U Boys RedGreg Kaven
11U Boys GreyKaisha Benson
11U Boys GoldMoses Egbi
12U Girls RedKyle Wooten
12U Girls GreyGlenn Lobo
12U Boys RedLuke Herbert
12U Boys GreyBrandon Hunt
12U Boys GoldAlan Segura Gonzalez



Winter 1 and 2

(Optional unless highest level team then 1x minimum if possible is expected but all players given opportunity)

  • Winter 1 — Mid Nov-Mid-Dec — Optional skills building program 1-2x per week, your choice. Fee = $155
  • Winter 2 — Mid Jan-Beginning of March — Optional skills building program 1-2x per week, your choice. Fee = $195
  • 11U-12U ( Birth-Years 2010 and 2011) Current Players and New Players welcome
  • Mid Feb – Supplemental Tryouts to strengthen rosters for Spring as needed.


Spring Season

Typically same team as Fall

  • Start Mid April-End Late June but may have some events in July (Club Blackout Dates around July 4th)
  • Training 2x per week mid week (may have occasional weekend session usually early Sat or late Sun)
  • 10 TCSL games 5 home, 5 away in metro, typically west suburbs
  • 3 Tournament Weekends in Metro (no out of state travel)
  • End of season event
  • EPSC Summer Camp
  • Club Night Turf Training events at EPHS
  • Click Link Below for FAQ!
  • Spring/Summer Fee 395
  • 11U Boys Monday/Wednesday 11U Girls Tuesday/Thursday 12U Boys Tuesday/Thursday 12U Girls Monday/Wednesday