13-14U Competitive Program-Juniors


A Competitive Team program.

A goal of two teams per age and gender to enable players to be placed at the appropriate level and allowing for player movement to aid in player and team development.

Teams play in local leagues such as TCSL and Minnesota NPL with US Club Soccer.

NPL is the highest level available to play locally.

Teams are assessed and placed at best level which is typically

Team 1 NPL or TCSL Regional*

Team 2 TCSL State or Cities** (May play higher if roster is appropriate)

Age group may have designated Pool players assigned to 2nd team that participate in designated 1st team training and events.

Pool players can be designated from Tryouts or at any other time of year as they are continually assessed for best development opportunities and growth by EPSC Coaches and Staff

  • High emphasis on continued individual development, larger group tactics, team work, social skills building, individual and team performance
  • Medium but Increased Emphasis on commitment, attitude, individual accountability, training performance and positional play inc Goalkeeping
  • Lower emphasis on winning

Fall season, Winter Optional (highest level team expected to train 1x per week minimum but we allow for prioritized sport by season) and Spring season.

Professional Licensed Coaches with soccer backgrounds.

Fall Season

Late July- Tryouts, player evaluation days coupled with any coach evaluations for appropriate placement.

Mid August- Training 2-3x per week (attend 2 minimum)

Early Sept (after Labor Day) TSCL or NPL league games-approx 6, 3 home and 3 away in metro.

Games on weekends-Blackout some weekends open for Fall Family fun.

1-2 Tournaments

End Mid October before MEA Weekend.

Team 2 Fee $295

Team 1 Fee-See NPL Team Info

Winter 1 and 2 (Optional for 2nd team players, 1x per week expected minimum for 1st team)

Winter 1 Mid Nov-Mid-Dec Skills Training Programs 1-2x per week

Winter 2 Mid January to Spring Break Mid/Late March-Team Training and Winter matches*

Winter 1 Fee TCSL Player Training $175

Winter 2 Fee TCSL Player Training $225

Spring Season

April 7th through late June (There may be some events through mid July with July 4th Holiday blackout dates by EPSC)

April 7th- training 2-3x per week

Pre-Season event  (Tournament, Scrimmages etc) Out of State event for 1st team, optional for 2nd.

League games start late April (2nd team) continue for 1st team during April

2-3 Tournaments throughout season

Mid June-EPSC Camp

Late June-League Games end

Player Evaluations by coach sent out last week of season.

Possible July event such as USA Cup or other event-team choice.

Spring/Summer Fee TCSL Team Player $395

*Roster Strength and Previous Season Record assessed for placement of team but typically NPL

**2nd team may play at any level but is based on Roster strength and previous season

EPSC Program Fees and Costs