15-19U Competitive Program-Seniors


A competitive team program with a goal of building 2 to 3 teams per age and gender but may merge age groups at some levels if beneficial to players and team structure.

Tryouts will be held late July (Please email any questions about tryouts to: tryout@epsoccerclub.com)

Fall-High School Season no Club activity August-October.

Winter training starts in mid November allowing for a sufficient mental and physical break post HS Season.

1st team will play NPL Super or Premier

For 2022-23 EPSC will have 2 NPL Teams at 18/19U Boys

2nd team will play TCSL most appropriate level based on roster strength per Director and team Coach**

Some age groups may have high level 2nd teams and a 3rd team option

  • Higher Emphasis on Full team tactics, individual accountability, discipline, team, commitment, College prep.
  • Increased emphasis on winning but performance based in relation to trained themes.

Pool players may be designated and will roster on 2nd team but be invited to train and play in 1st team with opportunity to move up permanently in certain circumstances.

Pool players will be designated from Tryouts but can also be assigned at any time of season for best player development situations.

All players can apply and will be given opportunity to train more frequently in winter if they desire with our “No Player Left Behind” Policy and Commitment.

Players can play up to team 1 or down to team 2 at any time based upon individual situation and team needs.

1st team players will prioritize soccer from early April through end of season and are expected to attend 1x per week in Winter at minimum if possible but EPSC allows and understands other sport commitments.

2nd team players will prioritize soccer from early April through end of season and winter training is optional but preferred in Winter 2.


Winter 1 & 2

(Optional 2nd Team, 1st Team required*)

15-19U TCSL TEAMS AND NEW PLAYERS ( Birth-Years 2009 THROUGH 2003)

Winter 1 — Mid Nov-Mid Dec — Skills and Team training

  • Winter 1 TCSL Team Player Fee $195

Winter 2 — Mid Jan-Beginning of March — Skills and Team training

  • Winter 2 TCSL Team Player Fee $245

*1st team players should try to attend as much as possible in winter but we understand there are other sports and we respect and honor those in winter.

A 1x per week attendance is expected so communicate with coach when this is not possible


Spring Season

Early April-Late June (may have some training and an event in July-lighter schedule)

Training 2x per week plus match or event.

Teams may train 3x per week when no match or event.

Winter and Spring Showcase Events 1st team

Spring events 2nd team-Opportunity to play up if appropriate.

USA Cup optional in July.

Muscatine College Showcase preferred for Showcase teams, 17u especially

Spring/Summer TCSL Team Player Fee $475

*Players who did not register through the tryout system, will be charged a $30 administration fee

* NPL and/or MYSA Premier Entry Based on Roster Strength and Previous Season’s Record

**2nd Team entered at most appropriate level for Roster