EPSC 8U Club Development Teams



8U Fall Team Formation – Open Spots

Although Try-Us-Outs have now passed for the Fall 2022 season, we are currently working on fall team formations and it is still possible that there may be openings in many age-groups.

If still interested to be placed on a team for fall please register at this link (free) https://system.gotsport.com/programs/45744V356?reg_role=player and we will place players from this waiting list as spots become available. We aim to place as many players from this list as we can and hope to give everyone an answer if they have been placed or not by Aug 1st.

The Twin Cities Soccer League (TCSL) is now offering a new program, specifically for 8U teams rather than them playing up at 9U which has happened in previous years.

TCSL 8U team programing will now follow this format:
  • 5 v 5 games (rather than 7v7 which is played at 9U) on smaller fields.
  • 2-4 Match Days per season (varies Fall, Spring/Summer)
  • On each match day teams will play 2 games within a 2-hour window
  • Games are 2 x 20-minute halves
What will the Fall season look like?
  • Team Training will follow the same format as the 9U and 10U EPSC teams
  • Teams will train twice per week
  • Players will be placed on a team (8-10 players) and a coach assigned to each team
  • Instead of 6 weekend games as 9U/10U teams play, there will be 2 game days and teams will play 2 games on each game day
  • Players will wear EPSC competitive program uniforms
  • Games will still be administered at a State Level (TCSL)
What’s the main differences between 8U and 9U/10U?

Overall, the programs will be very similar with these 3 main differences related to the games:

  • Number of players on the field for games – 5v5 (8U) compared to 7v7 (9U/10U)
  • Game Schedule: 4 games played on 2 game days (8U) v 6 separate game days (9U/10U)
  • Game length: 2 x 20-minute halves (8U) compared to 2 x 25-minute halves (9U/10U)
Why are EPSC participating in this new TCSL 8U division:

The main reason is the smaller number of players on the field for games (5v5 compared to 7v7). At these very youngest ages, it is typical to watch soccer games where all the players crowd and follow the ball in a group. This is very natural simply because all children want to have the ball. This can also result in players “stealing” the ball from their own team-mates creating situations where a 7v7 game is really 1v11 (minus the GK’s). By reducing the numbers on the field, the opportunity for players to have the ball increases.

  • More Touches – Fewer players on the field means each player will receive more touches of the ball so they have more opportunity to make decisions and work on their skills in a competitive situation.
  • Simpler Decisions – Players will make better decisions when there are fewer players on the pitch as there are less options to consider. With younger players we want to start off with less options and then build up from there
  • Score More Goals – All players at every age love to score goals. SSG’s create more goal scoring opportunities and are higher scoring games thus creating more fun and enjoyment for the players
  • More Involvement – Young players can “hide” in larger sided games but it’s not so easy for them to “hide” in a game of 5v5. In small-sided games all players must contribute to the play.
8U Girls Dash/Reign 5v5John Richardson
8U Girls Reign 5v5Coach currently being confirmed
8U Boys Albion 5v5John Quick
8U Boys Rovers 5v5Coach currently being confirmed
8U Club Development Team Cost for Fall: $145, Uniform is extra

*Players who did not register through the tryout system, will be charged a $30 administration fee