9-10U Club Development Team Program


In the 9-10U Club Development Team Program players attend an evaluation day and are placed on to teams that are the most appropriate level possible for their current ability. This allows the most potential for best player development for each individual.

Teams play in the Twin Cities Soccer League with 50% of league games played “at home” Flying Cloud Soccer Fields-Club.

Teams typically participate in 2-3 Summer Tournaments in the metro area and 1 in the Fall season, also local.

Winter programs are optional.

  • High Emphasis on individual ball skills, small group tactics, rules of the sport, fun, confidence building and social skills in a team environment.
  • Guided Discovery Coaching/Training
  • Low emphasis on winning (scores), large team tactics, commitment.

Fall Season

Try-Us-Outs in July (Player Evaluation Day for best fit)

Training 1-2x per week mid-week eves-Start Late August/Early Sept.-End Early to mid October (weekend before MEA)

6 league games in TCSL.

Professional Licensed Coach and Trainers.

1 local Tournament in the metro area.

1 end of season soccer festival through TCSL

Games on weekends but not every weekend allowing families some Fall fun

Club Nights Under The Lights at EPSH Turf

Winter 1 and 2  (optional, we cater to other sports)

Winter 1 Mid Nov-Mid Dec Training Program to build skills-1 per week

Winter 2 Mid Jan-Mid March Training and match play events- 1-2 per week, your choice.

Additional Supplemental Try-Us-Outs- For new players to join Spring Teams

Spring Season

Usually same team as Fall when possible.

Training 2x per week

10 League Games TCSL 5 home, 5 in metro area typically west suburbs.

League games typically mid-week evenings

2-3 Tournaments on weekends-Metro

Summer Camp with EPSC!

Possible end of season Festival event with TCSL

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