9-10U Club Development Team Program




Although Try-Us-Outs have now passed for the Fall 2022 season, we are currently working on fall team formations and it is still possible that there may be openings in many age-groups.

If still interested to be placed on a team for fall please register at this link (free) https://system.gotsport.com/programs/45744V356?reg_role=player and we will place players from this waiting list as spots become available. We aim to place as many players from this list as we can and hope to give everyone an answer if they have been placed or not by Aug 1st.


Players can commit to all or any seasons, Fall-Winter-Spring!

Registration is “By The Season” not “Year-Round”

In the 9-10U Club Development Team Program players attend a Try-Us-Out day and are placed on to teams that are the most appropriate level possible for their current ability. This allows the most potential for best player development for each individual.

Teams play in the Twin Cities Soccer League with 50% of league games played “at home” Flying Cloud Soccer Fields-Club.

Teams typically participate in 2 Summer Tournaments in the metro area and 1 in the Fall season, also local.

1 of the 2 events is the end of season TCSL Jamboree and teams choose an “In-Season” event that suits the coach and group.


Fall Season

Try-Us-Outs in July 14th (An introduction to club soccer, come out, play soccer and meet staff!)

If you cannot attend “Try-Us-Outs” but want to join a team we will find a way to place you!

Contact Youth Director Scott Macleod via email at: ScottYD@EPSOCCERCLUB.COM

Club Development Team Schedule Fall 2022

Start Day – Monday August 29th

Training Days – Mondays and Thursdays August 29th through October 6th (No soccer on Labor Day Weekend)

Games – Saturdays or Sundays (varies week to week – 6 game dates)

Training Times: TBD by coach (5:30pm or 6:30pm start times)

Training– 1-2x per week mid-week eves-Start Late August/Early Sept.-End Early to mid October (weekend before MEA)

6 league games in TCSL, the local league. Professional Licensed Coach and Trainers. 1 end of season soccer festival through TCSL

Games on weekends but not every weekend allowing families some Fall fun

Fall Season Fee $215 (Uniform is an extra cost)

*Players who did not register through the tryout system, will be charged a $30 administration fee

Fall Season Coaches
9U Girls WhitePaige Bankeroff
9U Girls BlueTom Bell
9U Boys White AthleticoScott Macleod
9U Boys Blue HotspursJosh Dibley
9U Boys Blue VillaPaige Bankeroff
9U Boys Blue ThistleGreg Kevan
10U Girls WhiteKyle Wooten
10U Girls BlueRyan Schmitz
10U Boys White UnitedZizzi Farah
10U Boys Blue CitySuad Sulijic
10U Boys Blue WanderersSuad Sulijic


Winter programs are optional:

  • High Emphasis on individual ball skills, small group tactics, rules of the sport, fun, confidence building and social skills in a team environment.
  • Guided Discovery Coaching/Training
  • Low emphasis on winning (scores), large team tactics, commitment.


Spring Pre-season 9U-12U Practice Information (April Turf Training)

  • 9U-12U Competitive team training begins next week (week of April 11)
  • All training sessions are initially at Eden Prairie High School – Outdoor on Turf A and the Stadium or occasionally at the CMS turf field for some teams (check TeamSnap for your teams specific field)
  • Please note – multiple teams will be training on the field. Please be sure to know your child’s coaches name and the team name so you can find the correct group on week one. It is important that your child finds the correct coach and does not jump in with any team. The coaches will have a copy of the rosters so please ask them.
  • Please bring a ball and water, wear shin guards, wear the grey training jersey and bring the black/white reversible pinnie to every practice. New players only will receive the pinnie from the coach. Soccer cleats can be worn on the turf.
  • Please always dress for the weather. It may be cold/wet the first few weeks of the season. Bring rain jackets etc as needed
  • Weather – if training sessions are cancelled due to bad weather a club notification email will be sent out and/or it will be posted on the club website.  You will not receive a notification to say practices are on, so please assume practice is on unless you receive an email to say otherwise.
  • The coach will host a short team parent meeting after one of the practices either the week of April 11 or the week of April 18. Please look out for a note from the coach or team manager on this. This will be outdoors at the fields for 20-30 mins. Please bring a chair.
  • Practices for the week of April 25 onwards will be added to Teamsnap soon by the coach or manager.  These will continue on the same nights but will move to the grass fields. We are waiting on official confirmation on the start date for the grass fields but the 25th is our usual start date (weather dependent). Should there be any delay on this you will be notified and practices would then remain on the turf at the high school.
  • Parents/Spectators should always remain at least 6 feet back from the training area during practices.
We are looking forward to seeing all the players again and to a great season of soccer!


  • High Emphasis on individual ball skills, small group tactics, rules of the sport, fun, confidence building and social skills in a team environment.
  • Guided Discovery Coaching/Training
  • Low emphasis on winning (scores), large team tactics, commitment.
Spring Season
  • New Players added to existing rosters and/or new rosters!
  • Training 2x per week Starts April 10th
  • 10 League Games TCSL 5 home, 5 in metro area typically west suburbs. May-June
  • League games typically mid-week evenings
  • 2-3 Tournaments on weekends-Metro
  • Summer Camp with EPSC! Mid June
  • Possible end of season Festival event with TCSL June 25-26th
  • Spring/Summer Fee $295
  • 9U Boys Monday/Wednesday 9U Girls Tuesday/Thursday 10U Boys Tuesday/Thursday 10U Girls Monday/Wednesday