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Interested in signing your child up for competitive soccer? 
Not sure of the cost or time commitment?
Please see our FAQ for new players.


There are two soccer organizations in Eden Prairie, how do I know which one is right for my child? The Eden Prairie Soccer Club (EPSC) offers a competitive soccer experience that includes travel for youth ages 11 through 19 to play in the fall and spring/summer, with a winter training program and indoor futsal league.
The Eden Prairie Soccer Association (EPSA) is a recreational program for youth ages 5 through 19 and plays strictly against other EPSA teams. The two organizations are not officially affiliated but do try to work together for the enrichment of soccer in Eden Prairie.
Is EPSC a travel soccer club?
We prefer to call our program “competitive” but yes, we do travel to slightly less than 50% of our games.
How much travel is involved and
to where?

EPSC is part of TCSL (Twin Cities Soccer League) and the West District of MYSA (Minnesota Youth Soccer Association) and so are the surrounding community clubs such as Edina, Tonka Utd., CC Utd. (Chan/Chaska), PSA (Plymouth), Minneapolis United and Wayzata. Teams in TCSL will travel to clubs within a 30 mile radius of the new MN United Stadium. MYSA teams occasionally travel may be to a further destination such as St. Michael. Typically a team would travel once a week and sometimes less.
What is the earliest age my child can play for EPSC?
Players may join EPSC at the U8 age level.
My child wants
to play competitive soccer, where do I start?

For players who wish to join for the fall  season, we will hold tryouts starting in July. We will hold Spring tryouts in January thru March for new 11-12U players wanting to join for the summer season. For players U13 and above, please check the EPSC website for further information on the dates and locations of the summer tryout sessions, or email [email protected] if interested in trying out for the Summer Season.
What are the costs?
Club fees for the 2019-2020 season 
  • U8 – U10 (see YDP tab for program information and prices)
  • U11 – U14 $1050
  • U15 – U19 $925
Club fees may be paid in installments. Installment schedules are as follows:

U11 – U19
  • Payment 1 ($350) due within 48 hours of team posting
  •  Balance paid in 9 equal payments starting on September 15 - May 15

Players who join EPSC during winter tryouts in February/March pay a reduced fee.

Included in this fee are:
  • Registration and league fees for Twin Cities Soccer League (TCSL) or Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) (summer U9-U19 and fall U9-U14), US Youth Soccer (USYS), and US Club Soccer (USCS)
  • Licensed Coach
  • EPSC Winter Training Program (AGT) Jan - Mar with professional training.
  • Paid tournament registration for Spring Kickoff Tournament (U8-U12) or Prairie Cup Tournament (U13-U19)
  • EPSC Summer Camp
  • EPSC futsal program
  • Insurance
  • Referee fees
  • MYSA State Tournament entry fee (for qualifying teams)
  • Coaching education and licensure
  • Equipment (goals, nets, training equipment, etc.)
  • Use of city outdoor fields and facilities and EPHS fields
  • No coach fee for U9-U10 (Club paid)
  • Administrative costs (salaries, fees, rent, supplies, services, etc.)
Costs not included in the club fee are listed below.
Are there any additional fees? Player uniforms and additional tournament fees are not included in the fee.

Player Uniforms
  • Must be purchased separately through Eurosport (, the official supplier of uniforms for EPSC. All players must purchase the basic kit currently consisting of two match jerseys, one training top, one pair of shorts, and one pair of socks. Warm-ups, backpacks, and other pieces are also available for purchase. For more information on uniforms, please visit the “Uniforms” page under the "Our Members" tab on the Club website.
Additional Team Fees
  • Tournament Fees – Individual teams decide on which tournaments to participate in. Tournament fees are split by all players on the team.
Does EPSC have
a financial aid program for its players?

Yes. EPSC policy is that no player should be denied the opportunity to play soccer due to financial hardship. Financial Aid applications are due by August 15th.  Click here  to view the EPSC Financial Aid Policy and get an application.
What are the playing seasons?
Our soccer year starts in the fall and runs through the following summer but players may opt out of Fall season and still play on a competitive team.
  • Fall season starts with practices in late August. Fall season games begin the weekend after Labor Day and run until mid-October.Fall games are played on the weekends with practices being held two evenings during the week.
  • Summer season starts with practices mid-April. Summer games start the beginning of May and run until mid-July. Starting at U11, teams may qualify for the TCSL or MYSA state tournament that runs until the end of July. Summer season games are during the weeknights as set by TCSL or MYSA. Click here to see the MYSA playing night chart for the summer season for U15-U18 teams. Teams will play approximately 3 weekend tournaments in the summer.
Is there training  in the winter?
EPSC offers a winter training program at the EPHS Prairie Dome that is included in the annual registration fee. This runs from January through March. We also offer an indoor futsal league for 11–14U players.
Who coaches
the teams?

The U8 – U10 years are critical years in a player’s development. To ensure that all players at these age groups learn the core skills necessary for enjoyment and success, EPSC believes it is necessary to have a cadre of highly skilled professional, licensed coaches capable of implementing the Club’s training curriculum uniformly across all teams within these age groups. EPSC will continue to use qualified parent volunteer coaches when available. EPSC carefully screens coaches to make sure we have the right people for the right team. Our coaches have to do annual background checks through MYSA or TCSL in order to be eligible to coach our players. EPSC reimburses our coaches for their licenses that are part of a national curriculum.
Who pays for
the professional coaches?

EPSC pays a stipend to our 8-10U coaches. At the older ages (U11 and up), we may employ high-level coaches who are paid a fee that is mutually agreed upon with the coach and club. Paid coach fees for teams from U11 through U19 are included in the basic registration fee.
Does EPSC employ full time staff? Yes, EPSC has full-time employees, an Administrator and an Executive Director as well as  Technical Directors and staff trainers who work across the ages to implement the EPSC Player Development Curriculum.
Do we pay extra for this and do other Minnesota soccer clubs have staff? These costs are built in to the registration fee and yes, other clubs employ paid administrators and Directors of Coaching to ensure a top quality competitive program for their members.
How good of a competitive program is EPSC? EPSC is widely considered one of the top soccer clubs in Minnesota and throughout the Midwest. EPSC is a very forward thinking Club and leads the way in player development.
How substantial  is the commitment level? Please refer to our EPSC Commitment Guidelines for your specific age group. Click here to view the EPSC Commitment Guidelines.
Can we request
to be on the
same team as our friends?

We try to balance the talent on all teams up until 11U and therefore cannot shape teams based on neighborhoods, car pools or friend requests.
If I have additional questions, whom should I contact? Contact Marian Beagan, EPSC Administrator at [email protected] or go to


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