2006 Age Group:
With the birth year change a few years ago, it has created a “gap” in the Fall for the younger 15Us in the age group.  These younger players are still in Middle School and may not have the opportunity to play High School Soccer as well as there being no 15U League for them to play in during the Fall.
Twin Cities Soccer League (TCSL) has recognized this gap and has allowed these younger 15Us to play club soccer during the Fall Season.  So now, we are able to offer them options this Fall:
  1. Training Option ($75) – Train with a 14U Team.
  2. Training & Games Option ($295) – Can train and play league games with a 14U Team.
  • Players will be placed on best fit and roster sizes.
  • This is FALL SEASON ONLY.  Players will return to their 15U Team after the completion of the Fall Season.
Please respond to girlsdoc@epsoccerclub.com by August 13th if you are interested and meet the criteria:
  • 2006 Birth Year
  • Signed up/going to sign up for the 2020/21 Season at EPSC
  • Will be in 8th Grade starting in August 2020