Why Play EPSC?

May 9, 2020

Learn about what makes EPSC different.

Player Development

A professional staff that have decades of experience and are educated and know how player development works. We are licensed at the national level.


All players are trained the EPSC way with staff issued curricula and coach’s carefully planned sessions.

Age Appropriate Activities

We train players with the correct methods and set goals that are tailored to the age.


All players receive ongoing evaluation reports so they know how they are developing and what to work on.


We compete against many other like-minded clubs in local leagues, place players and teams at their correct level so that they can develop at their pace.
We host 3 annual events, Spring Cup, Prairie Cup and EPSC College Showcase to add to the competition piece.
Our teams mostly compete in the Twin Cities Soccer Leagues thus restricting our travel. Half of our games are at home!


We live by our motto “Passion Respect Excellence”.
We believe in respecting all aspects of the game, teaching life lessons and developing people on and off the field.


Players play at various High Schools and some go on to play in college and even at the professional level.
We have a rich history of winning on and off the pitch.


We care. All adults involved in the training and administration of EPSC have to pass safety checks and complete Sports Safety and Concussion training.


For the amount of training, games, camps and events, EPSC is great value.

Community and Beyond

We are a highly respected and long-established part of the Eden Prairie community. We are also proud to serve other communities and our student athletes attend many different schools.


We are proud of our city and school relationships. We value our access to the City of EP fields and School district facilities such as the EPHS Dome and Turf fields. We are able to train year round.

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